Honouring the Children

You can help recover and honour children who died
at the Mohawk Institute by providing a statement to the Police Task Force

Tip Line

If you have information to share, please contact the Police Task Force at 1-888-523-8587. The tip line is monitored 12 hours a day and calls returned within 24 hours.

What is the Police Task Force?

The Police Task Force was created in 2021 to investigate the deaths of children who died while attending the Mohawk Institute during its 136 years of operation. The people on the Task Force have been asked to:

  • Find and recover the children who died at the Mohawk Institute;
  • Identify each child who is buried on the grounds associated with the Mohawk Institute;
  • Determine why each child died; and
  • Assess whether any criminal charges should be laid in relation to the deaths.

Who Are the Task Force Members?

The investigation is led by Six Nations Police, Brantford Police and the Ontario Provincial Police. The Police Task Force is working together with the Coroner office.

Monitoring the Task Force

The work of the Task Force is directly overseen by an Indigenous Human Rights Monitor and Indigenous Cultural Monitors. Independent Indigenous oversight ensures that integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability are upheld throughout the Police Task Force’s investigation.

Dr. Beverly Jacobs

Dr. Beverly Jacobs

Indigenous Human Rights Monitor
Wendy Hill Profile Photo

Wendy Hill

Cultural Monitor
Peter Schuler Profile Photo

Peter Schuler

Cultural Monitor

What Information is the Police Task Force Looking For?

The Police Task Force is investigating the deaths of children who died while attending the Mohawk Institute, where they are buried and their cause of death. Your statement can assist the Task Force in this work.

Other Ways to Share Your Statement

If you do not feel comfortable sharing information with the Police Task Force, your statement still has great value.

  • The Survivors’ Secretariat is creating opportunities for Survivors and intergenerational Survivors to share their statements to inform the truth in a culturally safe and trauma-informed way.
  • The Woodland Cultural Centre is gathering Survivor statements for their Education Enhancement Project.
  • The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation is collecting Survivor statements  for the historical record.

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