Memorial 96

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER, September 25, 2023 – Survivors’ Secretariat honoured the children of the Mohawk Institute with a MEMORIAL 96 display, throughout the month of September. Arranged in two hearts on the lawn, the smaller heart represents the children who have been identified. The larger heart signifies the children who remain to be found. The individual feathers which create the display represent the 96 children who are known to have died while attending the Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School located in Brantford, ON. The Secretariat has been able to confirm the 96 child deaths through archival records found in both public and private repositories over the past two years.  

The Secretariat has identified more than two dozen relevant collections held in archives and repositories in Canada and England. The truths contained within the documents of the harsh and unfair treatment of children are still being uncovered.  Many collections have protections in place which slow or prevent Indigenous organizations from accessing documents about themselves. The Secretariat continues to navigate the colonial structures of the institutions holding records relevant to the Mohawk Institute. To date the Secretariat has collected, reviewed and organized over 20,000 relevant documents recording over 4,600 students and documenting 96 deaths. The Secretariat anticipates these numbers will continue to grow as more documents are obtained, reviewed, and catalogued.  

Support Survivors in as they work to Uncover, Document, and Share the truth about the legacy of Indian Residential Schools in Canada.  


What Can I do? 

  • Read and discuss literature about Indian Residential Schols  
  • Watch and discuss movies about Indian Residential Schools  
  • Wear orange to show your support
  • Donate to a Survivors organization  
  • Support the inclusion of residential school legacy in Canadian education