The Nature of Healing  

“A raw, courageous, and truthful documentary,” Jam Lab productions presents The Nature of Healing. This film takes a deep dive into a long-standing history of genocide, abuse, self-serving politics and the effects of Christian run institutions. From broken family bonds, to having the church and government “act as your parents”, seven courageous Survivors share the realities of their childhoods at the Mohawk Institute and their resilient journey forward.  

Throughout this impactful documentary, the Survivors share their truths of emotional, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of staff; child labour; and loss of culture, language, ceremony and dignity. 

The ideology behind the government and political figures of the past becomes quite apparent throughout the duration of this film. Thousands of Indian children across Canada were withdrawn and separated from their families.  

“O’ Canada, are you proud?” Jimmie Edgar shares a sobering poem throughout the documentary written about his experience at Indian Residential School. 

This candid film has had several premieres across Turtle Island and has received 4 awards including: 

  • Special Jury Award, Arizona International Film Festival, 2023 
  • Special Jury Prize, Weengushk International Film Festival, 2023
  • Most Impactful Film, Female Eye Film Festival, 2023
  • Best Documentary, Three-Fires International Film Festival, 2023


Survivors of the documentary attended the premieres, along with Director Faith Howe.  

The success of this documentary continues as the courageous Survivors attend upcoming premieres. The Q&A discussions after the film offer great insight into the effects of trauma and foster discussions of healing. 

“It’s one thing to read about what happened in residential schools, but to hear the words directly from Survivors makes it so much more tangible and real. To see the devastation as people and how they came out on the other side so strong. And willing to forgive. A testimony to human resilience and strength.” – Maissa Bessada   

The good hearts and minds of the Survivors who share their stories in this film do so not only for themselves but for the thousands of children across Turtle Island (North America) who never could. 

All the proceeds from this film are going towards the creation of the Mohawk Village Memorial Park; a place of gathering, with an area for ceremonies, language and education. The five-acre park is dedicated to all the children that attended the institute and its 140+ year history. 

On behalf of Survivors’ Secretariat, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Faith Howe and Jam-Lab productions for producing/directing such an impactful film, rooted in truth.   

Additionally, we would also like to extend gratitude to all the Survivors who continue to speak their truth. You never know who needs to hear your light, your strength and your courage.